Monday, June 29, 2015


By Jacqueline Suskin

   What do you like? Sports? Exercise? Birds? Do you like to get up early or sleep in?  Stop and think about some of the things you like, then jot them down. Do it every day. Go Ahead & Like It is about making lists of things you like. You can do this anytime and anywhere. Use a napkin, a paper bag, or whatever is at hand. A notebook would be best.
   Oh sure, you can go on Facebook and click "like" on any number of things. At the end of the day, do your eyes and mind compute all those clicks?  Writing out your own personal likes can be much more enjoyable and possibly therapeutic. It should help you to explore your inner depths (mind and soul) so you can be more aware of:
>  your surroundings
>  your friends & family
>  your community
>  your job
>  your everyday life
   And, by making lists, you will learn more about yourself and what inspires you. (I might add what Suskin's book is not: it's not about keeping a "thankful" journal or a "blessings" notebook.)
   This book is only 71 pages, but it contains many ways you can use your lists. You could send a card or letter to someone special and enclose a list of all the things you like about that person. Another use is to save all of your lists as they will refresh the present with what moved you in the past. A list of likes could be used for a party game. Have each party guest jot down 5 to 10 things that they like and not put their names on it. Let each person pick a list and see if he/she can guess who it belongs to.  
   Maybe, if those who read Go Ahead & Like It put into practice some of its suggestions, we can have less negative stuff and more positive stuff going on.     
   Because this book is so short it reminds me of a picture book, not for children, but for adults. It contains many charming photographs and illustrations. Enough said. I'm adding this to one of my book lists because I like it!
Photographs by Shelby Duncan                Illustrations by Erielle Laniewski   
My rating:  4 stars 
** I received this book from Blogging For Books program in exchange for this review
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