Monday, January 18, 2016



  Are you an adult who likes to color? I am. But, I'm not too thrilled with coloring pictures of cars, spaceships, or superheroes--some favorites of one of my grandsons.

  Maybe you've seen the hot trend of adult coloring books at the bookstore. The number and variety is overwhelming. VJ Schultz's book is somewhat different from most of the others. Her creations are based upon "positive affirmation words." Each picture includes one word of affirmation to color and apply to your life.

  How would you color brave, sweet or thankful? Would you use bold colors, pastels, or metallics? How about love or joy? I actually chose joy and have included a picture of my finished work. (Please don't judge--I'm a writer not an artist)  ;)  As I colored, I did so with an attitude of joy. I couldn't help it. It just came automatically.

  I recommend this coloring book to all adults. It is designed and illustrated by VJ Schultz and can be purchased at

 More information about VJ and books she has authored can be found at